February is…preparing for allergy season!

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Yes you heard right! I am talking about preparing for allergy season in February! Here’s why…   First, a bit of background “technical” information: “Hay Fever” or (seasonal/perennial) allergic rhinitis is an allergic disorder (as its … Read More

New Year Ritual

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  This is a simple yet effective New Year ritual to let go of the old and welcome in the new! Seasonal rituals can be healing and help us connect to our deep and authentic desires, … Read More

Autumnal Grape Cleanse (Cure de Raisin)

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The Grape Cleanse (Cure de Raisin) Your body, whether or not you realize it, is very sensitive physiologically to seasonal changes. Seasonal cleanses like the Grape Cleanse help its ability to adapt to the coming season, … Read More

Grapefruit: Health Friend or Foe?

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Grapefruit is often touted as a health superfood and included in a number of “detox” protocols, and for many reasons, this is rightly so. However, for people on certain conventional/prescription drugs, grapefruits can pose a … Read More