Healing Vision

Sabrina’s Healing Vision

Terra Sacra’s healing vision is based on the following values and philosophy:

  • A Fresh Perspective: Rather than focus on the condition or illness we focus on what might be happening in your body/mind/spirit that causes it to be “out-of-sync”, allowing dis-ease to occur. We focus on helping you optimise your health not only to prevent and manage dis-ease but to live a healthier and happier life.
  • Putting the Care Back Into “Healthcare”: We spend time with our patients trying to understand the underlying causes of their conditions and giving them the support they require to make the changes they need to optimise their health and improve their lifestyle.
  • Holistic and Personalised Approach: We believe that health and well-being come from a state of healthy balance between physiological functions and needs, psycho-emotional well-being and spiritual potential and development. When we say holistic we mean taking account of these aspects when assessing and advising on your health and well-being. Personalised means that we take account of your unique set of circumstances, individual needs and goals, and potential for change when advising and supporting you on a course of treatment.
  • Your Body, Your Health: We are here to share our knowledge and experience, to guide your process, and to offer education, advice and support, but the commitment and hard work must ultimately come from you. Our treatment plans will often require lifestyle changes, a commitment to taking herbal medicines or supplements, undertaking other therapies, and a certain willingness to come to terms with change. We realise that this can be difficult so we offer support to help you meet these challenges.
  • Skill, Experience and Integrity: We believe that our practitioners should have a combination of quantifiable skills and life experience to provide you with the approach we offer. Therefore all our practitioners (including the ones in our Helpful Links section) have degrees, diplomas or relevant certifications from accredited institutions in their fields. But in addition, they have experienced some or all of the relevant therapies for themselves and believe in the importance of continued personal and professional development. Integrity for self, others and the work is of the utmost importance to us and is a value we aim to abide by.
  • Medical-Grade Sustainable Herbal Medicines. We see ourselves as keepers of a wonderful tradition and a true “art form” that requires respect not only for the plants that heal but also for the environment and the Earth we live on and of which we are a part. We aim to use organic, sustainable and medical-grade herbal medicines whenever possible and support suppliers who share our values.